Research Day 2017 – a tremendous success

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The Research Day on 17th of August for the Northern Deanary’s endocrine trainees was a tremendous success thanks to the coordination of Earn Gan.

An excellent programme had been put together, including Prof Pearce’s insights into how to choose a good research project (and supervisor), and an inspiring talk from Prof Marshall on academic career pathways. Our grasp of statistics was challenged and enhanced in workshops by Matthew Linsley (Director of the Industrial Statistics Research Unit, School of Mathematics and Statistics), and Alison Heggie and Earn Gan helped ensure we had the skills to present our work in the best possible way with   a thoroughly enjoyable and useful session on how to make a good poster.


Many thanks to all the speakers for a highly educational and inspiring day! I am certain all whom attended will have taken useful lessons from the day, and be looking forward to 2018’s Research Day.

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